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Why Feed Your Profits to Your Utility Company?

Your electrical company is eating your profits. Upgrade your inefficient light to Logical Green Solutions' energy saving LED lighting, and use the savings from your lighting electrical bill to upgade your current lighting system.

As an added benefit, there is no money out of pocket!

Why Use LED Lighting

LED Lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. Some of these advantages include:
  • LEDs use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting
  • LEDs last up to 50 times longer
  • LEDs provide a healthier quality of light
  • LEDs contain no hazardous materials
In addition, did you notice how difficult it is to find to find bulbs to replace your old lights? It is now illegal to manufacture or import certain bulbs!

Why Our Team of LED Lighting Experts?

Logical Green Solutions is a strategic partner, with direct pricing, from over 50 USA-based LED manufacturers that provides free site specific energy audits and Lighting Evaluation Reports, has available full turnkey services, provides options for project funding/financing, and is your one stop shop for LED lighting.  Our team of LED experts provides site specific solutions, including bulk purchasing programs.

Logical Green Solutions’ clients such as Harley Davidson, City of Waukesha, Helander Manufacturing, and Concordia University have increased profits, saved time, and improved their environmental sustainability.

Upgrade Your Existing Lighting System Without a Capital Expenditure

Logical Green Solutions offers options to lease, finance, or even rent your new LED lighting on projects valued over $5000. Our team works with your company to create a program where the savings off of your electrical bill are greater than your monthly payments for your lighting.

You may be asking yourself "Aren't I still paying for my lighting out of pocket then?"

The answer to that question is no. Our programs offer a fixed rate with a $1 buyout, and we have constructed them so your savings alone will pay for the lighting system!
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