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About LED Retrofitting

Upgrade your lighting to LED. Retrofit with minimal to no capital expenditure.

LED lighting is one of the fastest growing energy saving industries. There are hundreds of thousands of products, evolving industry standards, and a myriad of setup and configuration selections to consider.

Logical Green Solutions is your trusted partner in providing economical, high quality, and ecofriendly LED retrofit lighting solutions for your business.

We search the globe to provide you nothing but the best products and the most cost effective solutions to significantly increase your profitability while preserving the environment.

Improve the quality of your light and life.

LED lighting has come a long way in quality and color rendering, now available in 256 colors for certain LED configurations. LED lighting provides you with:

• Dimmable options for most LED lamps, including tubes.
• Superior color rendering. The color of LED can be similar to natural sunlight.
• Available in a wide color range; 256 colors available in certain LED configurations.
• Excellent directional control and ability to direct the light where you need it.
• Light quality is maintained over the lifetime of the lamp, no flickering.
• Shock resistant and able to be used in a wide range of temperatures (-40°to 140° F)


"We are very pleased with the LED lighting system, which includes dimmable tubes. These lamps will save us over 50% in energy costs; they last longer and can be disposed of normally. It is our intention to convert several other of our facilities to LED lighting."

Dr. Michael Besch
VP Academic Operations
Concordia University Wisconsin