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April 2014 Newsletter

It's the last day on April, and I'm wondering where my warm weather went. A few weeks ago in Wisconsin we had lovely seventy degree sunny weather. Now, we havehighs in the upper forties. Alas, there's nothing that I can do about the weather. However, what I can help you do is to have the money to take an amazing vacation by switching to LED lighting which would save you up to 85% of your lighting electrical costs. We will be releasing a new article in the "What Can I Use to Replace My..." series twice a week starting today, so if you're wondering what you can use to replace your old, inefficient light bulbs, wonder no further!

-Michael Fuchs, Communication Director

LED Lighting: Have You Made the Switch?

Lighting improvements have consistently been the most popular type of energy upgrade identified by Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps. This is intuitive for several reasons which include.....

What Can I Use to Replace My Outlawed Floodlights?

One big downside to a halogen MR16 bulb is that the bulbs get extremely hot - hot enough that it can melt through a protective glove or even fry an egg; lights installed in ceilings, for example, must be cleared of roof insulation to minimize the risk of fire. And while halogen lamps outperform incandescent bulbs, they lack the efficacy, energy efficiency, and longevity of other lighting technologies. 

Replacing a halogen bulb with an LED bulb maintains the advantages of an MR16 fixture while addressing its performance weaknesses. The LED lighting has....  

Green Technology Experts and Product Tracking!

Logical Green Solutions is pleased the announce the release of The website has been redeveloped as a client portal and green community where visitors can learn about different green technologies from different experts. 

The client portal portion of the the website allows Logical Green Solutions' clients to view their orders they have placed, tracking information for the order, estimated ship dates, and more - all in one convenient location!
The blog portion of MyLGS has articles that are submitted to us from various experts on green technologies and their various applications. For instance, the first article that was submitted to us are unique ways to use LED lighting in hospitality. also includes a forum for users who wish to ask specific questions on green technologies or those that wish to share their knowledge. Browse past questions that were asked, learn about the technologies, and broaden your knowledge!

You can register for MyLGS now at

Monthly LED Lamp Special

15W LED Lamp to Replace Up to 100W existing incandescent or PAR light
Excellent for:interior freezer and cooler lightsexterior bollard lights

Standard Price: $43.99 (plus tax) 

Special through May 31st $32.99 (Limited Quantity of 40 lamps)