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Cost Saving Benefits of LED Lighting Retrofit Upgrades

Save Money. Reduce Energy Costs.

LED Lighting retrofit upgrades are a great way to reduce energy costs saving up to 50% to 80% off your energy bill.

Cost benefits of LED Lighting
• Leasing options available to reduce or eliminate upfront costs and capital expenditures.
• Cut 50% - 80% of your lighting energy bill.
• Lower maintenance costs.
• Reduce inventory of replacement bulbs.
• Decrease cooling costs.

Which Retrofits are the best “bang for the buck”?

Any of the following exterior or interior lamps:
• Incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps.
• Lamps that operate 12 hours/day or more.
• Parking lot and street lights.
• Lamps that are in difficult-to-reach areas.
• Cooler and freezer lights.