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December 2013 Newsletter

The end of the year is near, but that doesn't mean that the time you have with your friends, family, and clients is over. The new year isn't an ending, but a beginning of new opportunities!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for reading our newsletter this year and supporting Logical Green Solutions. At Logical Green Solutions, we pride ourselves in the care we put into each and every one of our lighting solutions to give our clients a customized and personal lighting application that is optimal for their situation.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays as they approach, and I will see you in the new year!

-Michael Fuchs, Communications Director

Logical Green Solutions Joins Green Masters

Logical Green Solutions LLC (LGS), of Waukesha, Wisconsin is proud to announce that they have been approved for the Green Masters Program.
The Green Masters is a network of over 130 Wisconsin businesses who have established credentials in the sustainability area. To qualify, Logical Green Solutions completed an extensive survey on nine topics of sustainability which include: energy, climate change, water, waste management, transportation, supply chain, education and outreach, workforce, and governance.
"We look to identify areas where sustainability activity is present or evolving in Wisconsin businesses.  In developing this program....

Incandescent Bulbs to Turn Off in 2014: Are You Ready?

Light Bulbs. They are really hot right now. Who would have thought?

As 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs are set to disappear from store shelves in 2014 due to the incandescent bulb ban, the transition to more energy efficient forms of lighting is upon us and products abound. Unfortunately, it also opens up a whole new world of specification and compatibility issues.

"For the longest time we've been dealing with simple, 60-watt incandescent bulbs, but now we have to worry about color temperature, beam angle, and lumen output," says Wayne Ortner of Energy Squad in a recent article by HES Insider. "If you [put in] the wrong bulb, it may fit the lamp, but the results could end up being disastrous."

For example, if you put in a light bulb with the wrong beam angle....

Special LED Update - LGS LED replacement for 60W incandescent - $10 rebate!

As of November 1st, LGS' new Lighting Science Group LED lamp to upgrade a 60W incandescent bulb now qualifies for a $10 Focus on Energy rebate!

Our 12W LED lamp sells for $21.97.  With the $10 FOE rebate, the net cost is $11.97!  This is a less expensive and quality commercial quality solution compared to the residential CREE bulb sold at Home Depot for $12.97   The LED lamp uses 80% less energy than a standard 60W light bulb and will last up to 50 times longer.  Save money and change way less burnt out bulbs!

Featured Client: Town Hall Library

Town Hall Library in Merton modernized the lighting in their DVD catalog room to LED lamps. The existing 75W track lighting was replaced with 18W LED lamps, the chandelier lamps were upgraded from 40W LED bulbs to 4W LED lamps, and the 15W CFL bulbs were upgraded to 8W LED lamps. The new LED lighting will use an average of 81.7% less energy! This energy savings results in a payback (ROI) of under 1 year. The library will save over $9,300 over the life of the LED lights.

In addition, the library will receive over $120 from Focus on Energy in rebates for the 32 lamps that were upgraded to Logical Green Solutions' LED lamps. As a Focus on Energy Trade Ally, Logical Green Solutions assists clients with their rebate applications. 

The library staff will spend significantly less time replacing burned out bulbs, as the LED lamps last up to 17 times longer. Another benefit is that the library is improving their sustainability by reducing their environmental by 44,700 lbs. of CO2 over the life of the LED lights. This is the equivalent of removing 4 cars from the highway for one year.

The Town Hall Library is known for its friendly service and varied collection. It is a cozy, full service location with Internet-accessible computers and WiFi.

Town Hall Library has a wide-ranging selection of fiction and non-fiction books for all ages. It also features an extensive audio book section, an impressive collection of DVDs and BluRay discs and electronic and downloadable materials.

Learn more about the Town Hall Library at