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November / Decembe 2014 Newsletter

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I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving! It's nearing the end of the year and from our perspective, it has flown past. We sincerely hope that you are having a profitable, successful year. For many, the fiscal year is coming to a close, and now is the time to minimize your tax basis and maximize your hard work and efforts. Dr. Michael Besch has written an article on Bright Ideas for Fiscal Year End, which I highly recommend.

On a separate note, December is filled with lights, cold, and holiday cheer. If you have a spare moment this holiday you can experience all of these.  Check out the amazing music synchronized LED lighting Christmas show below by one of our valued clients, Jason Stark. My family and I viewed this spectacular show in person, and it was well worth the drive!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Michael Fuchs, Communication Director

LED Lighting Christmas Show!

Every year, Jason Stark provides an amazing lighting show on Glen Cove Court in Muskego, Wisconsin. He covers his home in over 30,000 LED lights which are synced to music that can be heard on FM 87.9. More information, as well as videos of the show's opening night, can be seen on the Facebook page. The show runs daily 5pm until 9pm during the week and 10:30PM on the weekends.

When asked about how he started the lighting display, Stark said, "I've always loved Christmas and everything that comes with it, especially the lights. As a kid, my parents would take my sisters and I to look at lights, and as I grew up, I wanted my kids to have that same experience, just at their own house. This is our 5th year doing the display, and each year we add a few new elements to make it bigger and hopefully better. [I initially started by viewing]  a video posted online from the house of John Storms, who lives in Texas. I was blown away by how cool his synchronization of the lights was to the music. I reached out to him, and he was gracious enough to share with me some tips on how to get started and how to do the programming. "

Notably, Stark lights the entire show with LED. Aside from the electrical cost savings,  the LED lights last much longer than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Jason still uses the LED lights he originally purchased 5 years ago. 

Ornamental Plant Seedlings Grown With LED Lights at Purdue

Purdue University researchers' success in using red and blue LEDs as the only source of light to grow ornamental plant seedlings indoors has led to a new phase of determining whether they can reduce production time with more colors.

The research is important because most seedlings are grown in greenhouses in the late winter and early spring, a time when sunlight with enough growing power is low, especially in northern states. Seedlings need to grow at that time to meet spring and summer sales of bedding plants, so supplemental lighting from electric lamps is typically needed.

In the first part of the research, associate professor of horticulture Roberto Lopez and master's student Wesley Randall grew... 

Featured Product

Logical Green Solutions presents THE LED RETROFIT KIT by Litetronics® - the first fluorescent troffer retrofit upgrade solution that installs in 10 minutes or less. Powerful, rare earth magnets secure the retrofit kit to the existing housing, allowing for hands-free installation. In less than the time needed to change a ballast, you can convert your existing fixture into energy-saving, maintenance free, LED.

Watch our installation video below, or visit our featured product page to learn more about THE LED RETROFIT KIT!

Featured Client: Stark Yager, LTD

Stark Yager recently upgraded their lighting system in their office to Logical Green Solutions' LED lighting. The company decided to upgrade to LED lighting due to the long-term electrical cost savings. The savings from their electrical bill way pay for the entire lighting upgrade in a little more than a year.

Jason Stark had the following to say about the upgrade,"The lights are great. The color tone and brightness of the lights really help in our office environment. So much of what we do still involves reading hard copies of documents so having good lighting is a key."

About Stark Yager LTD:

The first and most important ingredient to the many years of growth and success has been our clients. The closely held and family owned business has always been our main focus. We have and will continue to provide quality professional services to our clients in the areas of Tax and Business Solutions. 

The second ingredient to our growth and success has been the dedicated and qualified staff providing the required professional services to our clients. Many of our staff have been with the firm for more than ten years. This combination of quality clients and dedicated staff has been instrumental in making this a successful journey for the growth and success of both our clients and our firm. 

One word signifies our basis for success relationships. Our success is measured by that of our clients and by establishing and maintaining long-term relationships between our clients and our employees to assure mutual prosperity. This is accomplished by providing meaningful financial information through proper tax planning with our experienced professional staff that understand our clients and their needs.

Learn more about Stark Yager LTD here.