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Frequently Asked Questions

What (or how) is the best way to implement LED lamps from Logical Green Solutions & when does it make the most sense?

  •  Common area and lighting applications which are in use 24/7 will yield the maximum savings. In 24/7 applications, return on investment (ROI) is typically under 2 years.

  •  Lights on 12 hours per day or more, plus exterior and parking lights are a very good investment. ROI’s are typically in the 1.5 to 3 year range. Some of our LED parking lot lamp solutions are rated for 80,000 hours. This is over 18 years for dusk to dawn lights use. The energy savings substantial (75% to 85%), plus maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

  •  Logical Green Solutions' (LGS') LED retrofit lamps give the best ROI when replacing existing bulb types: Incandescent, track lights (MR bulbs), Spot/flood lights (PAR bulbs), Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (HPS). The lighting energy savings for these LGS LED lamps are typically between 75% and 85%

  •  The optimal LGS LED upgrade for fluorescent lamps is when replacing T12 tubes. By replacing the T12 with an LGS LED lamp and re-wiring to bypass the ballast, energy savings will be between 50% and 60%. If de-lamping is implemented, energy savings will over 75%. De-lamping entails using less LGS LED lamps to replace existing tubes. De-lamping is optimal if the fluorescent fixture is a four tube fixture with an acrylic lens. Often two LGS LED lamps can replace the four original fluorescent T12 tubes with very similar perceived light levels.

  •  LGS’ LED lamps are the best solution to replace your existing bulbs that are located in difficult to access locations. Most of our LED lamps are rated for 50,000 bulb hours. The LGS LED has a life that is 20 to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Therefore, you not only save energy, but can dramatically save on maintenance costs. 50,000 bulb hours equates to 5.7 years if a light is in use 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

How does the LGS team help me to determine what the “best bang for my buck” is for my specific building or space?

 Our team evaluates your:

1. Existing light fixtures and bulbs
2. Hours of use
3. Electrical rates
4. Lighting requirements
5. Lighting Goals
6. Areas and lighting types that will maximize light quality and your energy savings
7. Lights that do not receive sufficient hours of use or that require non-LED lighting.

From our evaluation, we develop a specific plan and report to meet your goals and financing requirements.

What is the cost if I wish to upgrade my LED lighting system?

  •  A $0.60/sf tax deduction may be applicable for your lighting upgrade. Check with your CPA regarding your specific tax implications.
  •  The initial cost of LGS LED is an investment in future energy savings that can pay for itself starting month one and then cash flow positive for the rest of the LGS LED lamp life. Since your monthly payments can be less than the direct lighting energy savings, you are essentially upgrading to LGS LED lighting for FREE.

What is the energy savings vs. Fluorescent bulbs?

  • Depending upon the type of fluorescent bulb being used, the savings may vary greatly
  •  Replacing your existing T12 fluorescent tube with an LGS LED lamp will result in savings from 50% to 75%.
  •  CFLs - strong recommendation to upgrade to LED retrofit based on aesthetics and health issues. Energy savings can vary dependent upon existing bulb wattage from 30% to 60%.
  •  An LGS LED lamp that replaces a T8 tube will result in energy savings of 45% to 50%. If the bulbs or ballasts are nearing the end of their lifetime, it makes sense to phase in LGS LED as a replacement program. If use is 24/7, ROI alone will justify the investment.
  •  The fluorescent T5 lamp is typically not worth replacing and upgrading to LED, as the energy efficiency isn't that bad. As the T5s and ballasts near their life expectancy, it makes sense to phase in an LGS LED upgrade.

What bulbs can I replace and upgrade to maximize savings, health benefits, reduce waste, and reduce maintenance?

LGS has an LED retrofit lamp solution for almost every existing interior and exterior fixture type. Our USA based manufacturers also have the capability to custom engineer LED lamps for special fixtures.