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February 2014 Newsletter

I recently went to the doctor, and I was told that I'm not allowed to continue to eat sweets. This is unfortunate for me, because I seem to have found a delicious looking doughnut recipe, which I know would be excellent with an orange glaze recipe modification. So, here is the recipe. I may not be able to have any, but I am hoping that some of you can! Please tell me if they're good! 

-Michael Fuchs, Communications Director

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time takes effect March 9 at 2:00AM and we spring ahead, but have you ever wondered why we have daylight savings time? No. It's not because of the agriculture and farming community. Would you believe that it has to do with World War II?

Logical Green Solutions Now Carries Grow Lights!

Logical Green Solutions LLC of Waukesha, Wisconsin now carries LED grow lights which have excellent applications in hydroponics, aquaculture, and greenhouses. 

Clients who switch from their current lighting to LED will typically see a 65-85% savings on their lighting energy electricity costs, and they will save time replacing bulbs, as LED lamps last up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs. Also note that there is no mercury or hazardous chemical in LED lights! (The mercury from a CFL bulb will contaminate over 6000 gallons of water.) 

Our LED portfolio includes LED upgrade lamps for almost any interior or exterior fixture up to 1500 watts. Some of the lamps they carry include (but are not limited to): LED grow lights for tomatoes, LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes, exterior lights including solar LED street lights, high bay fixtures, spotlights, floodlights, and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) stage lighting. 

If you're interested in more information on how you can save time and money with LED Lighting, while improving your carbon footprint please visit and fill out the Request for Quotation form. 

Why Buy LED Lights for Commercial Use?

​Business and building owners who are responsible for paying their lighting electric bills will discover numerous advantages to modernize their existing bulbs to LED lighting. By replacing their old technology with LED lighting they will yield many benefits.

Green Technology Experts and Product Tracking!

Logical Green Solutions is pleased the announce the release of The website has been redeveloped as a client portal and green community where visitors can learn about different green technologies from different experts. 

The client portal portion of the the website allows Logical Green Solutions' clients to view their orders they have placed, tracking information for the order, estimated ship dates, and more - all in one convenient location!
The blog portion of MyLGS has articles that are submitted to us from various experts on green technologies and their various applications. For instance, the first article that was submitted to us are unique ways to use LED lighting in hospitality. also includes a forum for users who wish to ask specific questions on green technologies or those that wish to share their knowledge. Browse past questions that were asked, learn about the technologies, and broaden your knowledge!

You can register for MyLGS now at