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LED Sales Representative/Technician/Engineer- Logical Green Solutions LED Lighting

If you are interested in working with new energy saving technology and helping others to be successful, then join our team. You will be a key player in our growing energy saving technology company as we expand from SE WI to the Midwest, and then nationwide. Our company, Logical Green Solutions LLC (LGS), is located in Waukesha, WI.  We are LED lighting experts, project managers, electrical engineers, sales people/educators, and support team.People describe you as a key team player who enjoys spreading the word, educating clients, and building client relationships. You enjoy helping clients modernize their lighting and achieve success. Our team provides our clients with LED retrofit lighting solutions to:  
​·  Save energy  ·  Reduce Operating Expense  ·   Minimize Maintenance Time  ·   Increase Profits  ·   Improve Environmental Sustainability
Your LGS product portfolio will include LED lighting upgrades that are technologically superior, yet are offered at a very competitive price. We receive manufacturer direct pricing and offer turnkey services .  Our portfolio now includes a new, innovative LED retrofit kit for 2x2 and 2x4 lay-in ceiling fixtures. This kit is the most economical, the fastest install, comes with a 7 year warranty, and a 85000 hour life (over 8 years at 12 hours per day).

LGS LED lighting upgrades are the first “Green” products that can pay for themselves and generate immediate, positive cash flow starting month one. No money down and no capital expenditure required. You will use our Sales Pipeline Funnel to identify optimal opportunities. Clients can use a portion of their existing monthly electric expense to upgrade their lighting. The tremendous savings from their electrical bill alone can pay for the lighting upgrade and generate immediate profit.
You will have a passion for meeting with prospects and finding solutions to their challenges using rapidly growing energy saving technology, LED lighting. This will include determining client lighting goals, identifying existing lighting system conditions, providing definable and measurable savings, describing how their investment will help the environment, plus finding and recommending simple, straight-forward LED lighting solutions. You will provide clients with the best value.
People see you as self-motivated, organized, persistent, thorough, accountable, goal-oriented person with a sense of humor.  As a team player, you have an ability to relate to other people, maintain a positive attitude, are an excellent communicator, are straight-forward, and enjoy meeting and working with people. You are experienced with tracking your activity, which allows you to achieve your goals and great results. You enjoy setting goals, being accountable, and most importantly achieving your goals.
Your network and business relationships with any of the following will be helpful, but are not required: commercial property owners, business owners, CFOs, CEOs, accountants, sustainability managers, facility managers, property managers. Valuable business sectors: senior/assisted living, large corporations & chains, procurement companies, municipalities, educational facilities, hospitality, and large retail.
Knowledge of lighting and lighting systems is a plus, but not required. We have the training, tools, and documentation.
Your skill and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and CRM software will prove to be an asset.
This is a full-time employee position. Compensation is based on a combination of sliding base wage, a tiered increasing commission structure, bonus incentives tied to sales goals, and a bonus commission based on individual deal size. One of our new incentives is an opportunity to earn company equity or ownership.

Our team is based in Waukesha, WI but our potential client base is any business or building owner who pays an electrical bill, throughout the USA and the world.
We have the leads, we have the technology, we have the infrastructure, we have a superior product portfolio, we have the best value …  all we need is you.

If you would like to explore the potential of joining our growing team, please email a cover letter and resume to: Bill Fuchs at​

"We Will Light Your Way to Success"

LED Lighting Technician - Intern

Logical Green Solutions LLC (LGS) is an LED lighting and energy saving technology company located in Waukesha, WI. LGS is looking for a key intern to join our team on a part-time basis during the academic year and full-time during the summer of 2016. There is also potential for you to remain with our team during the school year and then join our team full-time after your internship. 

LED lighting is one of the fastest growing energy saving technologies and is expected to surpass $5.2 billion in the USA in 2015. The industry is projected to grow at 45% per year over the next five years. LGS has a unique program where our commercial clients can upgrade their lighting to LED with NO money out of pocket and essentially get paid to do so.
Why you?
LGS is a newer company with major growth potential, which equals tremendous opportunity for you. We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience -–> we just need you to join our team to help us grow.

You should be interested or have education in the any of the following: general business, marketing, electrical systems, sustainability, and/or lighting. You must be experienced in and enjoy working with Microsoft Excel.  Your excellent verbal and written communication skills will be critical to your success. Your attention to detail and organizational skills will help you succeed.

Whether you are a gamer, outdoors person, nerd, and/or jock we will have a place for you to fit in. You should aspire to join a cohesive team and enjoy working together to achieve shared goals. You crave challenging work, yet work well independently with direction and help. You also should enjoy having a good time with others. This is an internship opportunity that will be limited only by your interest, desire, and ability to grow and succeed.
What You Need to Know/ Need to Have Now
  • Positive Attitude
  • Ability to work with a team and individually
  • Problem solving skills
  • Interest and proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Willingness to learn and implement new ideas
  • Interest in new, energy saving technology
  • Ability to stay organized

Potential Responsibilities
  • Track quotes, order status, and inventory;  update and maintain current data on
  • Work with the LGS Sales Force to input audit and RFQ information, select appropriate LED lamps and complete Lighting Evaluation Reports and Quotes/Contracts
  • Work with others, using Excel, to continuously improve our custom lighting evaluation reports
  • Issue manufacturer POs  & correspond with manufacturers regarding product, pricing, availability, tracking
  • Research new products and manufacturers, as requested
  • Install LED lighting samples and provide technical assistance
  • Learn LGS’ LED lighting products, sales process, and procedures
  • Continue to learn and improve
  • Work with the entire LGS team to achieve mutual success
If you would like to explore the potential of joining our growing team, please email a cover letter and resume to: Bill Fuchs at