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June 2014 Newsletter

I hope you all are enjoying the summer months! As many of you may have seen, we've announced the next annual Logical Green Solutions & Total Team Construction mini-golf tournament, where all profits are donated to the Hope Center. More information on the event can be found below (including registration, sponsorship, and information about the Hope Center.) I hope to see you there!

-Michael Fuchs, Communication Director

Waukesha and Boise Join the Growing List of Cities Using LED Lighting

Logical Green Solutions recently provided LED street lighting for the city of Waukesha, WI. Their new teardrop fixtures will save the city over 60% of their electrical lighting costs on the lamps that were replaced. The City of Waukesha installed their first LED lighting on a cobra head street lighting project in 2010. There are 10,000 streetlights in the City of Trees and Boise City Hall wants to convert them all to LED lighting.

LED stands for light emitting diodes and the bulbs come in all shapes and sizes. But it's just been in the past ten years that cities have been replacing conventional streetlights or so-called historic lights with LED lighting.

"They save roughly 60% of the energy," said assistant city engineer Rob Bousfield. "In other words, if we used to use 100 watts, the LED equivalent will use about 40 watts. Obviously you have significant power savings, of course, and it decreases the carbon footprint."

The city says LED lights will save taxpayers money several different ways. One, with less maintenance. Another way is the lights last longer. An LED light and its components up there will last 15 years.

In 2009, the city converted 2,000 streetlights to LED by plugging into stimulus money.

Now the city hopes the council will approve spending $163,000 for 275 additional lights. (The council is expected to make the decision Tuesday evening).

And results from around the world are encouraging. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina replaced 125,000 outdated streetlights with LED lighting and cut its energy use in half.​

LED Lighting for Retail Stores: How It Improves Sales

A retail store has a variety of costs linked to it, but one of the important elements is the lighting. Given the estimates provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, 42% of American retailers' high energy bills are due to their store lighting. As a result, companies like Starbucks have changed to LED lighting for retail stores. Since then, this has significantly decreased their cost and increased their revenue.

If you do own a retail store, you should consider an upgrade if you do not currently use accent lighting. Research has revealed that outdated stores do fewer sales when the proper lighting is not used.  Why?

Logical Green Solutions Annual Mini-Golf Tournament

Where?       Tee Aire Golf Range                            
  21700 Gumina Road  
                    Pewaukee, WI 53072
                   Phone: 262-781-2640

When?    September 19, 2014 (Rain date: September 26, 2014)
  • Check-in and Registration at 3:30PM
  • Shotgun start at 4:00 pm
  • Awards ceremony, raffle, and food to follow approximately 5:30 - 6:00 pm.
  • Liquid refreshments (2 alcoholic drink tickets per person. No limit soda/water)

Our mini-golf tournament is a networking, recreational, and fun event where all profits will be donated to the Hope Center, a non-profit organization (see below.) Players will compete in 18 holes of mini-golf for trophies and prizes. Not only that, but players will also enjoy an assortment of drinks and delicious food. 


RSVP, sponsor, or for more information, please click this link: 

Questions? Call Michael at 262-548-8888 ex: 219

NOTE: Space is limited! Sponsors must be registered by August 31, 2014 to qualify for signage. 

All profits from this event will be donated to Hope Center

Hope Center is a ministry committed to serving people in need in Waukesha County. 

The Hope Center's programs are focused on the prevention of homelessness. 

There is no greater need than reliable shelter to instill hope and provide a foundation to build on. There is no greater requirement than that everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Whether it is a meal at our Outreach Meal Program or Day Center; clean "like new" clothing from our Clothing Shop; furniture and/or appliances from our Project Move; financial assistance from our Social Ministry Program that helps to prevent eviction, provide transportation and/or obtain medical attention; all is provided free of charge and delivered in a respectful and welcoming manner.

Learn more about the Hope Center at