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May 2014 Newsletter

It's finally May! Those of you that are enjoying the warm weather that has finally arrived in Wisconsin are very happy, I'm sure. Sadly, it's a bit warm for me. I enjoy a cool 66 degrees. Alas, there's nothing that I can do about the weather, and it does seem like I talk about the weather a lot.

While I can't do anything for the weather, I can make the end of your month more enjoyable. Look at that Strawberry Angel Food dessert. How could that not make you feel better? And if dessert isn't your thing, read our newsletter and learn about what you can replace your traditional outlawed floodlights with, or scroll down to the very bottom and learn about The Hope Center, our featured client for this month!

-Michael Fuchs, Communication Director

Chicago's Huge Vertical Farm Glows Under Countless LED Suns

Chicago, Illinois, isn't exactly a major player in national food production anymore, but that could soon change if companies like Green Sense Farms continue to sprout up. With the help of next-gen LED grow lights, the country's biggest indoor commercial vertical farm can produce masses of produce regardless of the weather outside...

What Can I Use to Replace My Outlawed Floodlights?

One big downside to an halogen floodlight bulb is their inefficient energy use - 90% of their energy goes towards heat while only 10% goes towards the actual light. And while incandescent lamps give off some workable light, they lack the efficacy, energy efficiency, and longevity of other lighting technologies. 

Replacing an halogen bulb with an LED bulb maintains the advantages of the floodlight fixture while addressing its performance weaknesses. The LED lighting has a significantly longer lifespan than a traditional halogen floodlight bulb, as well as....

Green Technology Experts and Product Tracking!

Logical Green Solutions is pleased the announce the release of The website has been redeveloped as a client portal and green community where visitors can learn about different green technologies from different experts. 

The client portal portion of the the website allows Logical Green Solutions' clients to view their orders they have placed, tracking information for the order, estimated ship dates, and more - all in one convenient location!
The blog portion of MyLGS has articles that are submitted to us from various experts on green technologies and their various applications. For instance, the first article that was submitted to us are unique ways to use LED lighting in hospitality. also includes a forum for users who wish to ask specific questions on green technologies or those that wish to share their knowledge. Browse past questions that were asked, learn about the technologies, and broaden your knowledge!

You can register for MyLGS now at

Featured Client: The Hope Center

Logical Green Solutions recently upgraded the Hope Center's existing exterior floodlights to LED PAR38 floodlights. The LED PAR38 lamps use 80% less energy than the traditional floodlights and they last up to 20 times longer. The parking lot security has been improved due to the better quality of light. The visibility has increased due to higher color rendering index (CRI) and a brighter light color. In addition, the LED floodlight lamps operate efficiently to -40 degrees F. Hope Center is saving energy, reducing their operating expenses, saving time, and improving their environmental impact with Logical Green Solutions LED floodlights.

Hope Center is a ministry committed to serving people in need in Waukesha County. 

The Hope Center's programs are focused on the prevention of homelessness. 

There is no greater need than reliable shelter to instill hope and provide a foundation to build on. There is no greater requirement than that everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Whether it is a meal at our Outreach Meal Program or Day Center; clean "like new" clothing from our Clothing Shop; furniture and/or appliances from our Project Move; financial assistance from our Social Ministry Program that helps to prevent eviction, provide transportation and/or obtain medical attention; all is provided free of charge and delivered in a respectful and welcoming manner.

Learn more about the Hope Center at​