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As you may have already discovered, LED lighting is the best lighting solution. Your benefits will include:
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • A higher quality of light
  • No harmful UV Rays
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance
  • No hazardous mercury
Are you missing out on benefits? When you purchase your new LED lighting system direct from Logical Green Solutions (LGS) you have an opportunity to:
  • Avoid multiple layers of markups
  • Receive manufacturer direct pricing
  • Increase your construction contingency through these reduced costs
  • Receive the greatest value to achieve your specific goals (LGS is not manufacturer or product exclusive)
  • Finance your LED lighting AND the installation of the lighting system outside of your construction loan
    • Create additional construction contingency or room in your budget (typically 5%+)
  • Increase your building asset value
  • Reduce your future operating expenses
  • Improve project and future operations cash flow
  • Make your job a bit easier
When you work with the LGS' team of LED lighting experts, you will realize definable, measurable, and trackable results; no smoke and mirrors.

Some of our clients include:  BMO Harris Bank, Kohler Corporation, Usingers Sausage, City of Waukesha, Village of McGrath - Alaska, Lakefront Brewery, and Shidoni Foundry of New Mexico. 

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