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CH Coakley & Company - Project Report


Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Challenge

  • Replacement of Fluorescent T12 Tube Lighting - Inefficient/Outlawed
  • Replacement of Exterior Metal Halide Lighting - Inefficient

The Solution

  • Upgrade Inefficient and Outlawed Fluorescent T12 Tube Lighting to Energy Efficient LED Plug & Play Tube Lighting
  • Upgrade Inefficient Exterior Metal Hallide Lighting to Energy Efficient LED Exterior Lighting

Cost If Client Had Not Upgraded to LED

Daily Cost of Waiting: $19.20     Monthly Cost of Waiting: $596

Electrical Savings Per Year By Upgrading to LED

 Electrical energy Savings per year: $7,145 ($596 per month)

Existing Annual Electrical Costs: $11,844    Annual Electrical Costs after LED Upgrade: $4,699

Energy Usage Comparison

Existing Energy Usage: 78,365 KwHr per year     Energy Usage After LED Upgrade: 31,088 KwHr per year

Project Environmental Report