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SF Analytical - Project Report
"SF Analytical Laboratories recently contracted with Logical Green Solutions to replace a portion of our inside lights to LED and all of our wall packs and outdoor lights to LED.  We did the areas in our lab that used the most electric to see the best cost savings for the company.  Once the job was complete we have seen a dramatic decrease in our electric usage.  Our $9,000+ investment will be recouped in electric savings within 9 months.  WOW, what a return on investment for a small business.                                                                                   

Logical Green Solutions was generally easy to work with.  We experienced a few “bumps” in the process but that was due to miscommunication between them and us.  Once all was resolved, the work was completed and we are very pleased with the product and outcome.  I would recommend Logical Green Solutions to anyone wanting better lighting and saving dollars on electric bills."

Linda Stack
Executive Assistant
S.F. Analytical

The Challenge

  • Replacement of T12 Fluorescent Tube Lighting - Inefficient/Outlawed
  • Replacement of Incandescent A-Lamp Lighting - Inefficient/Outlawed
  • Replacement of Wall-Pack Lighting - Inefficient
  • Replacement of Metal Hallide Lighting - Inefficient

The Solution

  • Upgrade Inefficient and Outlawed T12 Fluorescent Tube Lighting to Energy Efficient LED T12 Tube Lighting
  • Upgrade Inefficient and Outlawed A-Lamp Lighting to Energy Efficient LED A-Lamp Lighting
  • Upgrade Inefficient Wall-Pack Lighting to Energy Efficient LED Wall-Pack Lighting
  • Upgrade Inefficient Metal Hallide Lighting to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Cost If Had Client Not Upgraded to LED

Daily Cost of Waiting: $7 Monthly Cost of Waiting: $225

Electrical Savings Per Year By Upgrading to LED

 Electrical energy Savings per year: $2,703 ($225 per month)

Existing Annual Electrical Costs: $4,034   Annual Electrical Costs after LED Upgrade: $1,331

Energy Usage Comparison

Existing Energy Usage: 28,611 KwHr per year     Energy Usage After LED Upgrade: 9,442 KwHr per year

Project Environmental Report