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Straight-Forward, Simple Math With Measurable Results

The significant lighting energy savings from an LED lighting retrofit upgrade is the result of the dramatic difference between the energy consumed by your existing lights compared to the minimal energy used by LGS’s LED replacement lights.

The lighting energy savings is determined by: Hours of use x energy consumed by existing lights – energy used by LED lights) x the amount your utility company charges for electricity ($/KW/Hr)

You will see a reduction in your lighting electrical consumption.

Average building lighting accounts for 20% to 40% of the total electrical bill. Depending upon what type of bulbs you are currently using and the number of bulbs upgraded to LED, this can often result in 50% to 85% lighting energy savings. Therefore, your overall electrical bill can be reduced by more than 10%. 

We are so confident that you will truly enjoy your LED lighting upgrade and appreciate the savings that we provide a 60 DAY GUARANTY (on lights that we install) and a one year complete labor and material warranty for our turnkey LED lighting upgrades, plus manufacturer extended warranties apply.

How is the Tremendous Savings Possible?

LED lighting provides definable, measurable, straight-forward energy savings due to less wattage used.
Standard filament lighting uses 90% of the energy for heat and only 10% for light = not very efficient.
LED lighting uses 80% of the energy for light and only 20% for heat = efficient.

Examples of Energy Savings: