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Monthly Recipies

September 2014 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone that joined us for our 6th Annual Charity Mini-Golf Event for the Hope Center! Thanks to everyone's efforts we're able to donate $1600 to The Hope Center this year! Photos for the event will be released late this week, so look forward to that if you provided your email during registration or sponsors (otherwise the information will be included in our October Newsletter.)

-Michael Fuchs, Communication Director

Lighting the Sistine Chapel


Let there be light.

That is, essentially, what the Vatican Museums wished for in the Sistine Chapel. Museum officials wanted to improve lighting so poor and patchy that some visitors struggled to clearly see famous details, such as the panel where God's hand touches Adam's, bringing him to life.

Starting next month, the new lights will boost by at least five times the illumination of Michelangelo's 500-year-old masterpiece-but won't damage the frescos. The move will also cut energy consumption by at least 60% while...

Chasing Birdies

Our charity mini-golf event, where all profits are donated to The Hope Center, was recently featured in the Daily Reporter (on page 2 of the September 23, 2014 edition, if you receive the printed version.) If you don't receive the printed version, you can view the coverage of the event on their website! 

Featured Product

Logical Green Solutions presents THE LED RETROFIT KIT by Litetronics® - the first fluorescent troffer retrofit upgrade solution that installs in 10 minutes or less. Powerful, rare earth magnets secure the retrofit kit to the existing housing, allowing for hands-free installation. In less than the time needed to change a ballast, you can convert your existing fixture into energy-saving, maintenance free, LED.

Watch our installation video below, or visit our featured product page to learn more about THE LED RETROFIT KIT!