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What Can I Use to Replace My MR16s?

Why Should I Replace My MR16 Halogen Bulbs?

One big downside to a halogen MR16 bulb is that the bulbs get extremely hot - hot enough that it can melt through a protective glove or even fry an egg; lights installed in ceilings, for example, must be cleared of roof insulation to minimize the risk of fire. And while halogen lamps outperform incandescent bulbs, they lack the efficacy, energy efficiency, and longevity of other lighting technologies. 

Replacing a halogen bulb with an LED bulb maintains the advantages of an MR16 fixture while addressing its performance weaknesses. The LED lighting has a longer lifespan than a traditional MR16 bulb, as well as a lower wattage requirement. This means that you save money on maintenance costs and your electrical bill.

LED MR16 Replacement Bulbs VS. Traditional Halogen MR16 Bulbs

Advantages of Traditional MR16 Bulbs

Traditional MR16 bulbs are cheaper than LED MR16 bulbs. However, the cost savings of the bulb is null due to the bulb replacements that you'll need to do, as well as the energy costs. 

Disadvantages of Traditional MR16 Bulbs
  • Energy Inefficient (Uses 5-times more energy than an LED MR16 bulb)
  • Only casts 14 lumens per watt compared to LED's 90 lumens per watt
  • Cannot dim in a stable manner
  • Heat
  • Halogen MR16s waste 35% of their lumens outside of the beam angle

Advantages of LED MR16 Bulbs
  • Uses 10% of energy for heat as opposed to the 60% for heat that the halogen uses
  • Stable dimming
  • Minimal infared radtion from LED
  • Uses a heatsink to conduct heat away from the bulb, improving the life expectancy
  • Uses 4 watts of energy compared to 20 watts for the halogen (that's 20% of the energy, or an 80% energy savings!)
  • Has a higher CRI (95) than halogen MR16

Disadvantages of LED MR16 Bulbs
  • May require a new transformer because the halogen transformers typically do not support such a low wattage
  • Higher initial cost compared to tradition MR16 lamps. However, with the 80% energy savings and longer life span (reduced maintenance costs), you will be saving more money by installing the LED MR16 than continuning to purchase MR16 halogen bulbs over the lifetime of the LED

Benefits and advantages of Logical Green Solutions’ LED retrofit lamps

  • Energy savings of 55% to 85% compared to your existing bulbs
  • Less heat generated.  Standard filament bulbs generate 90% heat, 10% light
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to significantly longer lifetime of LEDs
  • 30,000 to 80,000 bulb hours compared to 2,000 to 25,000 bulb hours for traditional
  • Reduce parts inventory
  • No need to dispose of your existing fixtures, as LED retrofit lamps can be used in almost any interior or exterior fixture
  • No need to pay for disposal for fluorescent tubes, CFLs, or ballasts
  • Better quality and color of light
  • Directed light for better illumination and reduced white sky effect
  • Improve security and safety
  • “Healthier” light 
    • Fluorescent lighting has UV has a strong correlation with winter depression (SAD)
    • No flickering from fluorescent tubes
    • No hazardous mercury, phosphors, or PCBs
    • Improve your work environment
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • No need for tube guards in manufacturing or food service applications
  • Dimmable LED lights that retain color while dimmed