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What Can I Use to Replace My Outlawed Floodlights

What Should I Use to Replace My Halogen Floodlights?

One big downside to an halogen floodlight bulb is their inefficient energy use - 90% of their energy goes towards heat while only 10% goes towards the actual light. And while incandescent lamps give off some workable light, they lack the efficacy, energy efficiency, and longevity of other lighting technologies. 

Replacing an halogen bulb with an LED bulb maintains the advantages of the floodlight fixture while addressing its performance weaknesses. The LED lighting has a significantly longer lifespan than a traditional halogen floodlight bulb, as well as a lower wattage requirement. This means that you save money on maintenance costs and your electrical bill.

Traditional Halogen Floodlight Bulb vs. LED Floodlight Bulb

Advantages of Traditional Floodlight Bulbs

Traditional floodlight bulbs are cheaper than LED floodlight bulbs. However, the cost savings of the bulb is negated by 25 times more bulb replacements that you'll need to do, as well as paying 70% to 80% more for electricity every month. Why pay more to your utility company when you can have better quality of light, more money in your pocket, and more time.

Disadvantages of Traditional Floodlight Bulbs
  • Energy Inefficient (Uses 5-times more energy than an LED Floodlight bulb)
  • Only casts 9 to 10 lumens per watt compared to LED's 50 to 60 lumens per watt
  • Hot operating temperature - Did you know that you can fry an egg on a halogen floodlight?
  • Halogen flood lights waste 90% of their energy on heat rather than light
  • They're illegal to manufacture or import into the United States of America
Advantages of LED Floodlight Bulbs
  • Uses 10% of energy for heat as opposed to the 90% for heat that the incandescent uses
  • Dimmable
  • Uses 15 watts of energy compared to 75 watts for the incandescent (that's 20% of the energy, or an 80% energy savings!)

Disadvantages of LED Floodlight Bulbs

Higher initial cost compared to tradition flood lightlamps. However, with the 80% energy savings and longer life span (reduced maintenance costs), you will be saving more money by installing the LED floodlight than continuing to purchase halogen floodlight bulbs over the lifetime of the LED.

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