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Why Are You Feeding Your Profits to the Utility Company?
Upgrade your inefficient lighting to Logical Green Solutions' energy saving LED lighting. Use the savings from your lighting electrical bill to upgrade your current lighting system. As an added benefit, there is no money out of pocket.


All you need to do is provide us with:
  • Your existing lighting information
  • The hours that your lights are on
  • A copy of your electric bill

The Benefits You Will Recieve

  1. Reduced operating expenses
  2. Better quality of light
  3. You will have more time (no more replacing bulbs)
  4. Additional monthly cash flow for many years
  5. Increased profits
  6. No hazardous chemicals in your lighting
  7. Improved environmental sustainability
Your electric company is EATING your profits!

What Is My Next Step?

To take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your existing lighting system to Logical Green Solutions' LED lighting, which will allow you to reduce your lighting electrical bill by 50-70%, you only need to:
Why Logical Green Solutions' Team of LED Experts?

Logical Green Solutions is a single-source, strategic partner with direct pricing from over 26 USA-based LED manufacturers that provides free site specific energy audits and Lighting Evaluation Reports, has available full turnkey services, and provides options for project funding/financing, and is your one stop shop for LED lighting. Our team of LED experts provides site specific solutions, including bulk purchasing programs.

Logical Green Solutions' clients, such as Harley Davidson, City of Waukesha, Helander Manufacturing, City of McGrath, and Concordia University have increased profits, saved time, and improved their environmental sustainability.

Call to see how Logical Green Solutions can help you to become even more successful.

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