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Why Use Logical Green Solutions?

Your Company's Challenges:

  • Determining which lighting projects will provide the greatest benefits.
  • Electrical rates continue to rise every year.
  • Traditional lighting is outdated and not energy efficient.
  • Time is wasted replacing burned out bulbs.
  • Bulb inventory occupies space that could be used to generate revenue.
  • Many existing bulbs are “outlawed” and are difficult to replace.
  • 50% to 85% of the existing electricity used for lighting is unnecessarily wasted.
  • Poor light quality often leads to lost productivity, safety issues, and security challenges.
  • Identifying opportunities to significantly reduce carbon footprint without a capital expenditure.
  • Fluorescent lights generate UV which can be detrimental to health and can damage product.
  • Fluorescent tubes and ballasts require expensive hazardous disposal
  • Almost every utility company has their own, special rebate program and application process. It is very difficult to figure out what are the best programs to pursue and what LED lighting upgrades qualify.

The Solution:

  • Logical Green Solutions will work with you to develop a strategy to identify, prioritize, and proactively manage lighting upgrades to achieve the best value and accomplish lighting project goals taking into consideration:
    • Hours of use
    • Type of traditional lighting
    • Electric rate
    • Available rebates
    • Light quality, light levels, safety, security, sustainability
    • Applicable energy saving technology to maximize benefits and minimize cost
  • Logical Green Solutions will implement a phased, managed timeline to accomplish your project goals
  • Logical Green Solutions will utilize our strategic partnerships with over 26 USA-based manufacturers to provide energy saving LED technology that accomplishes your project goals
  • Logical Green Solutions will provide provide single source turnkey solutions to allow you to focus on your core business

Why Use Us?

  • The LGS team works with you and your team at the involvement level that you desire. This allows you to focus on your primary responsibilities and not add additional work burden. Our expertise and experience, especially in LED lighting and project management, will be an asset to you and your team.
  • You will receive definable, trackable, and measurable solutions that will result achieve your lighting goals.
  • By working with the LGS team, you will not be limited to a single manufacturer and their product portfolio. You will be working with a strategic LED partner with manufacturer direct pricing from over 25 USA-based manufacturers. The LGS product portfolio includes an LED lighting upgrade for almost every existing interior or exterior fixture up to 1500W, including street/parking lot lighting and poles.
    • If we do not have a product to achieve your goals, we will refer you to a competitor
  • You and your company will benefit by:
    • Reducing
      • Lighting electric costs
      • Maintenance costs
      • Operating expenses
      • Bulb and ballast inventory
    • Having additional maintenance time available for other projects
    • Improving
      • Lighting
      • Productivity
      • Sustainability
      • Safety and security
      • Hazardous material disposal
    • Maximizing ROI
    • Improving bottom line profit
  • You will benefit by becoming even more successful
​ We don’t sell light bulbs. We provide Solutions.

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