12/1/2021 Update: When calling, you will be asked to state your name and connected to our remote office. Due to COVID-19, our team is minimizing face-to-face meetings.

2.1 Planning & Your Vision

Planning your vision is one of the most important steps in bringing your commercial cannabis cultivation facility to life. Whether you have an idea, napkin sketch, or you have a full set of drawings — we are here to help. Together we will look at and plan conceptual budgets, proforma, timelines, and a business plan for your cultivation facility.

Planning Budgets

Your conceptual budget is the key to your project’s success. Your conceptual budget will be the starting point and baseline. When setting up your conceptual budget, we will look at the square footage of your planned grow, how much product you want to produce, your means and methods, and other factors specific to your grow.

This budget will also assist you choose what systems and layouts you want to use for your own specific cultivation facility. During this step, we will assist you by asking the right questions to formulate the budget for you.


Your proforma will be your roadmap for your financial success. It is a method of calculating financial results using certain projections and presumptions. Proforma projections are based on your conceptual budget and timelines. Your proforma is key for investors, profitability, and cashflow. 


Depending on the size of your grow, each harvest can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions. Cashflow is king, therefore it is important to have a timeline for your cultivation facility to ensure you maximize your profits and optimize your cashflow. (You do not want to miss on any potential harvested.) The timeline will identify key milestone dates and establish your critical path to achieve your opening. This will include things like: Build-outs, specific product installations, inspections, and much more. (During this step our team will also make you aware of potential delays in product delivery in the industry to give you a more accurate timeline.)

Business Plan

A business plan is the backbones of, well, your business. This document is a document that you can refer to later in the process, and is also required by many official organizations. A business plan traditionally encapsulates an: Executive summary, company description, market analysis, your company’s organization, services/products offered, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

Get Started

Speak with Logical Green Solutions to begin the stress-free process to bring your vision to life. We will be your single point-of-contact and offer recommendations to implement the scope of your commercial cannabis cultivation project. Your profits will grow with our help.