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Our Greenhouse/Indoor Grow Automation Systems

We are proud to provide you with the best integrated greenhouse and indoor grow automation software and solutions for fertigation. Through our strategic partnership with Climate Control Systems by Nebula, these products can help greenhouse owners and indoor growers maximize crop yields, help manage energy costs, and help with water/fertilizer conservation.

Fertigation Manager

Reduce Fertilizer and Irrigation costs and increase your crop yield by maximizing control of the Irrigation and Feed Process with customizable feed formulas you can manage and control from the comfort of your office computer or mobile phone.

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Climate Manager

Reduce Heating and Cooling costs by having full control over all vents, shading, lighting, misting, temperature and humidity. Manage all options from the comfort of your office computer or mobile phone.

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Ozone Pro

Reduce watering costs without contaminating the environment. Our Ozone Treatment System collects the run off irrigation water from the crop and sterilizes it before re-injecting a feed formula back into the water and sending it back out to the crop.

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