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The Benefits of LED Lighting

With Logical Green Solutions' LED lighting you can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. You will benefit by:
  • NOT having to deal with failed, energy inefficient ballasts                  
  • Having an option to modernize your lighting with no budget, no capex, no money upfront                                            
  • Increased light levels      
  • Improved productivity                                                                  
  • Eliminating hazardous materials disposal
  • Improved profitability                                                                 
  • Reduced heat output       
  • Improved sustainability                                                                        
  • Reduced energy consumption                                                               
  • Receiving applicable utility rebates/incentives                                                                              
  • Reduced lamp inventory. NO ballast inventory.                                                                
  • Improved security and safety          
  • Improved light quality and aesthetics                                                       
  • Lowered maintenance costs            
  • Improved quality control                                                               
  • No UV (does not fade product or cause food degradation)