7/30/2020 Update: When calling, you will be asked to state your name and connected to our remote office. Due to COVID-19, our team is minimizing face-to-face meetings.

We Make Your Job Easier

Logical Green Solutions is our company name, our business philosophy, and our mission. Logical Green Solutions is your one-stop-shop for:

     • Commercial Business
     • Manufacturing
     • Multi-Family
     • Agriculture (Including hydroponics, aquaponics, cannabis, hemp, CBD, and CBG)

We provide you not only with energy saving technology that makes money and sense; we also provide you with the resources, technology, and expertise to increase your profit and success.

You increase your bottom line profits and improve your environmental sustainability. We make your job a bit easier and provide a positive impact on the world we live in for generations to come.

Some of the Ways We Make Your Job Easier 

These are just some of the programs and ways we make your job a bit easier and help you to be more successful.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. Some of these advantages include:

• LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting
• LED lighting lasts up to 50 times longer than traditional lighting
• LED lighting provides a healthier quality of light than traditional lighting
• LED lighting contain no hazardous materials

In addition, did you notice how difficult it is to find to find some of the energy inefficient bulbs to replace your old existing lights bulbs? It is now illegal to manufacture or import certain bulbs!

One-Stop-Shop Solutions for Cannabis & Hemp

At Logical Green Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve maximum profits — and to be even more successful. Our team can help you setup your commercial cannabis / hemp growing operation (or make your existing one more efficient). We can help you increase yields, as well as lower your operating costs.

Not a grower? Our team of experts can assist you no matter what aspect of the hemp / cannabis industries you are involved in.

If you are just starting in the growing industry (or want to learn a bit more), our team has created a knowledge archive to get you started. Have any questions? Our team of experts are here to assist.

Don’t Use Your Money

Logical Green Solutions’ funding partners have multiple programs where you can modernize your lighting and implement other energy saving technology solutions for your facility. You can do this with no upfront out of pocket money, no budget, and no capital expenditure required. You can actually make money, improve cash flow, and add to bottom line profit starting month one. Our team works with you to select a program where your energy savings are greater than your project expense, ensuring that you make money over the entire life of your energy saving improvement.

You may be asking yourself: “Aren’t I still paying for my lighting out of pocket then?”

The answer to that question is no. Our programs are specifically designed so that your energy savings alone will pay for your energy saving technology project and you can MAKE MORE MONEY every month!

Don’t know what to replace your existing lights with?


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