12/1/2021 Update: When calling, you will be asked to state your name and connected to our remote office. Due to COVID-19, our team is minimizing face-to-face meetings.

2.5 Designing Your System

Now it is time for to design yoursystem to grow the product(s) you chose. During this step we will either provide an architect or work with your architect: building a layout of your cultivation facility, systems layout, product selection (including lighting, racking, etc). This is also the time for us to ensure that your cultivation facility design will meet the security requirements you outlined earlier.

Architectural Work and Layouts

An architectural layout created by an expert is essential for the build-out of your commercial cannabis cultivation facility to be completed on-time and per code. Our team will ensure that all architectural work and layouts created for your commercial cannabis cultivation facility meet all cultivation and legal requirements (requirements vary by state). 

Do you already have an architect? If yes, our team can review your documents and work with your design team to meet your state’s requirements. If you do not have an architect, we will connect you with one of our expert architects to bring your vision to life.

Product Selection

When it comes to your goal, you want the best prices and the superior product. When you buy from Logical Green Solutions you will receiving the best price (on comparable products) and a superior quality. We can offer anything you need for your commercial cultivation facility.

Our team will help you to select and compare products for your commercial cannabis cultivation facility to make sure that they achieve the goals of your facility (at a superior price and quality). We will create comparison matrices and walk you through them so that whatever product is selected at the end is the one you’re happy with — not just one we have selected. Our team is not tied to one manufacturer in any product category, so you can rest assured that we will never push one product over another because it’s “ours”.

Start Bringing Your Vision to Life Today

Speak with Logical Green Solutions to begin the stress-free process to bring your vision to life. We will be your single point-of-contact and offer recommendations to implement the scope of your commercial cannabis cultivation project. Your profits will grow with our help.